Mist Covered Brook

Photography as Communication

As a person who loves nature and being outdoors, it seems only natural that I would take my camera along on hikes, drives and/or trips, in order to be able to capture a moment or place it time.  I try to photograph a scene that is visually appealing but one that may also bring a sense of relaxation to the viewer since that is how I feel when I am out looking for and shooting the image, especially if I am listening to a nearby flowing river or stream.

Timp Brook Abstract

Overlooked Scenes

      I also try to find things that may be overlooked, unnoticed, unseen, that may be small or hidden but are very artistic and appealing. Things like the patterns and colors of frozen ice crystals or of autumn leaves reflecting off of a body of water. These are small subtle things that can be easily missed yet create an incredible form of abstract art in nature which has become a new style of photography for me.



Sharing The Outdoors

Through my images I hope to share with you some of the beauty, splendor and freedom of nature and the outdoors that I have experienced and enable you to bring a piece of it into your world. 

Upcoming Shows


I am happy to announce that my image, A Quiet Snow, has been selected to be used on a 

geocaching coin for the 

Rockefeller State Park Preserve.

Muscoot Farm Art Exhibit

Muscoot Farm

51 Route 100

Katonah, NY, 10536


July 2020 - Weekends Only

in the Art Gallery of the Main House

Ordering Information

Image Size

8" x 12"

12" x 18"

16" x 24"

Image Price w/Mat

$70 / 14” x 18”


$120 / 18” x 24”


$140 / 22” x 30”

Framed Price/Size

$140 / 15” x 19”


$220 / 19” x 25”


$250 / 23” x 31”

Images are framed in a 3/4” Satin Black Wood frame with a 3” white mat. Frames do come in a few different colors and the mats are also available in different sizes.

Framing with Museum Glass will cost extra. 


To place an order or if you have any questions please contact me below or at bobbyur@aol.com. Leave your name, phone number and question and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you. 

The above listed prices do not include shipping costs. 

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